Forms up to 50 panetone boxes per minute


The Brazilian market is one of the biggest producers and consumers of the delicious panetones. It was thinking about this market that TECNOR created the TEC NINE PANETONE. It is a sturdy equipment projected to meet a great demand. The design and integration is a deferential in this equipment. The panetones are retrieved directly from the production line where a sensor detects the insertion of them in the machine.

Then, a box (flat carton) is automatically removed from the magazine and sent directly until the formation area. On its way, it is applied hot melt on specific points of the box and, when the box is formed, it goes along with the panetone until the insertion of it in the box. The ergonomic project easies the operator movements and the packaging of the panetones in the boxes. With very little effort, and without the need to raise the panetones, the operator places the panetones in the box that, in turn, it is brought until the sealing with hot melt. The building of the DOUBLE equipment and the ongoing movements allow it to reach speed of up to 50 panetones per minute with the help of two operators.


Range and maximum speed: up to 50 panetone boxes per minute.

  • Welded with 02 paint components
  • Double Former
  • Clean design with easy access to all sides of the machine
  • Doors with polycarbonate protection and emergency stop switch in all doors
  • Drag from Panetone boxes by chain and molds to carton size
  • Integrated product mat
  • Horizontal Magazine with traction on the base of the display
  • It can be fed with the machine in motion
  • Product tread height has been set so the operator does not have to lift the producut
  • The operator does not need to touch the box, all movements are automatic including all the sealing of cartoon
  • Light tower indicating the machine status
  • PLC Allen Bradley
  • Friendly HMI
  • Equipment manufactured following NR12 (Brazilian labor technical regulations) with technical report and the ART (Anotação de Responsabilidade Técnica – Technical Term of Responsibility)
  • Protection doors made with polycarbonate and security micros in all doors
  • Zero access on movable parts
  • Emergency buttons on both sides of the machine
  • Category 3
  • Synchronization between form/fill and seal boxes
  • Servo Motor controlled equipment
  • Hot Melt Nordson applicator system