Forms up to 30 boxes or trays per minute.


The TEC NINE TRAY 1500 is built in a sturdy structure. It has a convenient box magazine on an exact hight for feeding, that helps on the replacement of boxes. A pneumatic system removes the box from the magazine and, using chains with flights, the box is brought until the assembling area. On this path, a pistol applies hot melt

on the box. Right after the box insertion in the forming area, a sensor detects the presence of it and a sturdy former goes down and builds the box. The cycle is repeated and the speeds can reach up to 30 boxes per minute – depending on the amount, the number may vary. The greatest advantage from TEC NINE TRAY 1500 is its horizontal magazine and the box transportation system made by a flight belt conveyor. This system avoids some irregularity that may come on the box.


Range and maximum speed: up to 30 boxes or trays per minute.

  • Welded with 02 paint components
  • Compact layout
  • Clean design with easy access to all sides of the machine
  • Doors with polycarbonate protection and emergency stop switch in all doors
  • Machine Construction (Right or Left)
  • Quick change of shape with handles
  • Horizontal Magazine with traction on the base of the display
  • Easy access for supplying
  • It can be fed with the machine in motion
  • Low level sensor
  • Light tower indicating the machine status
  • Communication with the production line
  • PLC Allen Bradley
  • Frequency Inverter to increase or decrease speed
  • Equipment manufactured following NR12 (Brazilian labor technical regulations) with technical report and the ART (Anotação de Responsabilidade Técnica – Technical Term of Responsibility)
  • Protection doors made with polycarbonate and security micros in all doors
  • Zero access on movable parts
  • Emergency buttons on both sides of the machine
  • Mechanical arm for display opening
  • Quick change of shape with handles
  • Level sensor on magazine
  • Tape rupture sensor
  • Venture System for removing boxes with auto cleaner system